Monday, July 03, 2006

An ode to the morning yawn

Disclaimer: The following post is EXTREMELY lame, which came about due to a potent and heady combination of sleep-depravation and stupid transcreativity lectures!

Yawn, yawn -
O mighty wholesome morning yawn.
Chasing since nightfall
and following way after dawn.

You show us the way
to deal with another shitty day.
Boring lectures, obstinate pig-heads (etc) -
carrying us beyond them all the way.

A shaggy head and morning breath,
nasty as a pig's fragrant wealth.
Amidst the toxic swill of the piss-bowl,
you block the fumes and save our health.

Then a hot chic comes along
but she ran away because your breath is too strong.
O morning yawn, protector of my fidelity
I hope you stay with me today, tomorrow and for long

PS: If you feel the Freaky-Chakra standard has gone down, then feel blessed because I havent put up... "In the glory of the great onion fart I passed before bed". And I swear I actually wrote it :D