Friday, July 07, 2006

A Farewell...

Well, guys inspite of my best efforts I've realised I cannot give this present blog the kind of attention I used to. Life in a B-school is simply too demanding for blogaholics like me. So rather than watching something that has been SO close to me, die a silent ignored death... I've decided to give it a decent and honourable farewell.

I've opened a new blog - "A perfect day for bananafish", where I can post little titbits and nuggets from time-to-time just to satisfy my blogging itches. Please do visit it, but in all probability there will not those long, (supposedly) funny Freaky-kind of posts. So everyone, thanks a lot for having read this blog, and thanks for all the fish!

This is the end of the journey before the war with the eskimos.

See on the front!