Friday, July 07, 2006

A Farewell...

Well, guys inspite of my best efforts I've realised I cannot give this present blog the kind of attention I used to. Life in a B-school is simply too demanding for blogaholics like me. So rather than watching something that has been SO close to me, die a silent ignored death... I've decided to give it a decent and honourable farewell.

I've opened a new blog - "A perfect day for bananafish", where I can post little titbits and nuggets from time-to-time just to satisfy my blogging itches. Please do visit it, but in all probability there will not those long, (supposedly) funny Freaky-kind of posts. So everyone, thanks a lot for having read this blog, and thanks for all the fish!

This is the end of the journey before the war with the eskimos.

See on the front!

Monday, July 03, 2006

An ode to the morning yawn

Disclaimer: The following post is EXTREMELY lame, which came about due to a potent and heady combination of sleep-depravation and stupid transcreativity lectures!

Yawn, yawn -
O mighty wholesome morning yawn.
Chasing since nightfall
and following way after dawn.

You show us the way
to deal with another shitty day.
Boring lectures, obstinate pig-heads (etc) -
carrying us beyond them all the way.

A shaggy head and morning breath,
nasty as a pig's fragrant wealth.
Amidst the toxic swill of the piss-bowl,
you block the fumes and save our health.

Then a hot chic comes along
but she ran away because your breath is too strong.
O morning yawn, protector of my fidelity
I hope you stay with me today, tomorrow and for long

PS: If you feel the Freaky-Chakra standard has gone down, then feel blessed because I havent put up... "In the glory of the great onion fart I passed before bed". And I swear I actually wrote it :D

Saturday, July 01, 2006


... I found the perfect half-a-blade of grass. It was about half-an-inch long, green and smooth. I held it in my fingers and looked at it closely trying to imagine how best to enjoy it. Sitting on a grassy field, swinging tress, silence and a cool breeze.

Then I ate it.

It was tasteless, cold and completel placid. When I finally spat it out, I felt happy.

1. This was during a transcreativity theatre workshop we were having in the MICA field.
2. Yes I know Iam weird.
3. But I bet you'd never find a better piece of a half-a-blade of grass.