Thursday, June 15, 2006

Of drug-abuse, sleaze and gross societal ignorance

I had resisted any temptation from writing anything on the Mahajans all along. I mean it's bloody tempting. Just think about it, Uncle Mahajan pops bullets into Puppa Mahajan. Then little kiddo Mahajan a few days later decides to have one speedballs too many and ODs, while uncle Mahajan patronises kiddo Mahajan &... blah!

Too many Mahajans in there somewhere. Damn, screw them. This post is not about them. It's about something else. It's about how out of touch of reality everyone seems to be these days. The first time I noticed this was perhaps when the DPS-sex scandal first broke out. I mean there was such a hue and cry over it. The newschannels were all over it, suddenly schools were banning cellphones in the school-premises and parents were feeling uneasy about the "outings" their children were going out for. But mostly everyone dismissed it as an example of moral degeneration among the uber-rich bourgeoisie.

But hang on, did I miss something? I mean dont people know that hot-blooded adolescents in their late teens might have heard of such things as, I dont know - Physical intimacy? Let's face the facts, by the time most Indians (by Indians I primarily mean here the "educated in english medium schools" middle-class, which also behaves as the custodians of social morals & all things such) reach the age of 21, they've had some kind of a physical encounter.

Some are brazen about it, some candid & light-humoured about it... some deny it altogether. Even more so, the ones who've not had any such experience are usually that way not because they did not want to, it's usually because they were too scared or the right opportunity never came by. If you think about it like that, the DPS kids did not do anything really dramatic. I mean yes, I dont condone adolescent-intimacy... but I am practical enough to know there nothing much to be done about it. Teens are into experimentation and some of them are bound to get into shit like that.

But to create such a ruckus over it, frankly was a bit funny to me. I mean seriously grow up. If you want to see school kids "experimenting", take your eyes of the TV & look into your own backyard!

I had a similar feeling of deja vu when the whole kiddo Mahajan thingie popped on TV. I mean c'mon! He's the scion of a powerful political family. He has power, wealth and fame (especially after he lit his father's funeral pyre). What do you expect him to do when he's in a mood to relax and party... yoga and meditation? What's with the whole holier-than-thou halo that these people don?

Worse still people watch it on the news and shake their heads "ladka kharab ho gaya" (the boy is ruined) , in the safe & smug knowledge that their own kid would never do such a thing. Wake up! I mean do you know how easy it is to get hold of drugs? Nobody gives a shit when they declare India to be a major transit flash-point in the entire global drug-trade. But get one political kiddo to OD or one Fardeen Khan to be named n a drug scandal, and suddenly everyone's got an opinion on things.

I was in class 7 when boys around me first started experimenting with cigarettes. They were the more adventurous ones. By class 9, virtually everyone was doing it. If you were not doing it, then either you had to good in your studies or in sports. Because if you were like average in everything and didnt smoke or anything, you were just treated like scum. I personally know many idiots who just simply crumbled to such peer-pressure.

When I was growing up (Iam 21)... I didnt have cable tv till I was 9, surfed the net for the first time when I was 13, got a internet-enabled pc when I was 15, and didnt get a broadband till about a year ago. Think about it, the kids that are growing up now... TV, internet and the works - all served on a platter; they wont be as dumb as us. If we did smokes in class 7, think about the kind of stuff they'd be into by the time they are in class 10 (16 years).

Makes your mind boggle doesnt it?

But no, nobody will see the picture like it. People will keep watching Zee News doing a "sensational" story about a father who sacrificed his kids in a bid to become immortal or a woman who conspired with her lover to kill her husband. Throw in a few pregnancies, passion-crimes, hints of incest and wallah! You've got the nation hooked.

Hooked, until the next 'celebrity' scandal erupts on sex-sleaze or drug-abuse or some other such shit. Then they'd take a moment to go check on their kids... sleeping like darling little angels in their soft, smug beds; reassured... they'd come back and shake their heads at the TV!