Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Had nothing to write...

... decided to come up with a random observations from my day, today.

# Woke up exactly at noon, a feat which inspite of coming really close on many occasions, I've never actually managed to hit bang on before. However the credibility of the same is slightly dubious since the 6 different clocks in my house show a different time each.

# Noticed that the Kurkure-sticks have become quite thin as compared to when they first came out.

# Heard a maroo friend, a nice good fellow otherwise, speaking to his cousin sister. God, why do they have such repressed sexual frustrations that it becomes extremely explicit that they are actually shamelessly flirting with each other in the name of "teasing" each other.

Didn't argue with him too much, though kinda felt weird about it for a rather long time.

# Jason, a tall stud of a guy who used to work at Pizza Hut (camac street), wasn't there anymore. Not that Iam into noticing guys, but he was quite handsome by the standards of the average Indian male... besides Angel's drooling wasn't too hard to notice. Anyways he's gone... felt strange, I mean he'd been there ever since I started going to Pizza Hut.

# Realised that REM have some the most funky names for their songs!

# Suddenly found all the Star channels missing from TV, the whole cable vs channels war here is just getting on my nerves now!

# Also saw what The Girl who sold the Universe looks like today. Have always wondered what 17-year olds with such witty motor-mouths look like.

# Called up MICA, they asked me to postpone my arrival from the 2oth to 24th. Now I wonder wherefrom shall I get the damn tickets in time. (clue: me is poor, me cant take a flight)

# Couldnt figure out what the eternal fascination of Indians with incest is. 75% of the stories posted by Indians on Literotica are on incest. We are one hell of a frustrated country!

# Lenovo 3000 C series - 0761D9A... most likely to be my new laptop. Yippie!

# Shristi left town today. A nice, friendly girl. Wanted to see Piku & her today at college... but had a fight with Angel & everything got messed up.

# Ma's agreed to buy me a new guitar. Let's see most likely date for it would be day after tomorrow. After which the present one (with cracks big enough to make cockraoches fear for their modesty) would be chucked straight into the garbage bin!

# Also saw today that a Che Guevera film festival is coming up at Seagull. Let's see, might turn up there to catch a screening of the Motorcycle Diaries.

In essence, I realise I could've done a proper post on any of these things (including the many which I havent up here), but somehow am not quite feeling that Iam up for it.

Feeling all sober & numb!