Monday, June 05, 2006

From Bihar: pleasantly surprised!

Patwatoli, a small village in Bihar has sent 48 students to the IITs in the last 14 years, with four getting in this year itself! A little known fact is that Bihar produces the most number of IAS officers in this country. For a land that is more popular for ruffians, kidnappings, Laloo & general chaos... it's not really a bad feat. But coming back to this little dalit village, efforts of a whole community are being geared to the task of churning out top-notch engineers. The seniors try and help out the prospective students and the latter on their part keep working harder and harder oblivious to obstacles like frequent power-cuts and suchlike.

Was really heartening to know that stuff like this keeps happening in this country, away from the eyes of people & politicians. Felt really excited and really happy after a long time!

Read the story here at CNN-IBN

PS: Would also like to appreciate the good work done by CNN-IBN to bring stories like this to the forefront rather than those "sensational wife cheating on husband"-passion crimes flashed by the likes of Zee News and Star News, etc!