Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Great Khali...

... is a new wrestler to join the ranks of the WWE - Smackdown superstars. He is supposedly from India. This is what WWE has to say about him -

The Great Khali’s intimidating frame has caught the attention of everyone. Hailing from India, The Great Khali stands at an impressive 7 foot 3 and weighs 420 pounds. The Great Khali has walked the jungles of India unafraid of pythons and wrestled White Bengal tigers. Daivari claims that The Great Khali has “stared into the abyss and the earth trembled at his gaze.”

Firstly, I don't know what the hell a "white bengal tiger" is.

And secondly, I don't know of too many jungles in India. There are already too naxalites and dacoits there for 7 foot 3 monsters to walk about fearless of pythons and all.

India of Maharaja's and elephants kicks ass, India of software parks and space research is just too lame.