Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gangster: A movie review

Well, I had something else planned for this post but then Angel and I, went on a whim to watch movie called "Gangster: A story of love". It turned out to be a very educative experience. I mean did you know...

# did you know... It's ok to walk, drive, ride a motorboat and sit in the middle of a flowing stream all the while clutching a bottle of alcohol in Seoul, South Korea.

# did you know... if a movie does not have a 'title-song' then the title of the movie must be repeated every two sentences lest the audiences get confused and start wondering which movie they are watching!

# did you know...Emraan Hashmi plays the guitar in all his films on some pretext or the other, but being the macho, ball-chomping badass he is, he can do it without ever holding a proper chord! Beat that Hendrix!

# did you know... The leading lady, Kangana's thin, bony ass has ridden the manhood of the entire Bhatt family. I mean why else would you cast a woman who cant speak, cant act, cant emote, scares the audience when she laughs (no kidding here, I was honestly scared) and has a bump on her lips!

# did you know... patching the narrative as a flashback in the flashback, which in itself if the flashback for the flashback, makes for a "good" movie.

# did you know... you can just walk into the Indian embassy in Seoul. Yes, you heard it right. WALK in.

# (the big daddy of them all)... did you know, the gangster's wife who betrays him to the police and then collapses on her knees in guilt, is just left sitting there. All the cars go away. All the police goes away. No one even interrogates her. Or takes her into custody or whatever.

Wow! If only Monica Bedi had known that.
The sad part is that one of the reasons why I went for the film was that it was rated good everywhere - Taran Adarsh, India Today, Outlook, my girlfriend's sister... and well, although it was better than most crapfests that we see being passed off in the name of cinema, it was only 'marginally' better!
I mean people have SO become used to watching bad movies that even halfway decent shitpots seem "good" to us. That is very sad.
After the movie, angel and I ran into this cute chic from my dept in the univ.
College Chic: "I thought the girl was good"
Freaky-Chakra: "Huh"
College Chic: "Her eyes were very expressive"
And to think she reviews films for the Etc, Kolkata. God, I hope this was not an assignment!