Monday, May 15, 2006

Are you a virgin?

Crude as is the question (there are better ways to phrase it I mean), why is it that every guy you ask this has done it while no girl has ever been "touched". I mean seriously average Indians cannot be losing their virginity by the age of 20 with one half of the population not indulging in it. What? Do I see the "gay lobby" smirking? Shut up you idiots, this isnt about you... where are you guys anyways? Go find a closet or something.

Well, you see its the hypocrisy that gets to me. I know most people who read or comment on this blog will be like "lol man, I am not like that"... but the sorry part is that we all are. I mean I've done it, bragging I mean, at some point of time. And a little bit of tittle-tattle & horsin around with facts is ok and I guess even acceptable if you think about it.

But then every now and then I see a girl, who is an absolute slut... (the kinds you just have to look and smile to get them out of their panties) ... and who claims she's never done "it".

Freaky-Chakra: Why the fuck are you kidding me? You know "hands-off, I dont wanna talk about it" is better than saying you are a virgin.

Slutty Bitch: (laughing) oh no, no. I know what you mean. Believe me, if I had done anything I would've told you. I mean why'd I lie about it. It's perfectly normal and cool. But honestly, there is nothing to tell.

Freaky-Chakra: Go and choke! (ok I didnt say that, but I wish I had).

See the problem is both ways. If you are open and assertive of your sexuality, then you get branded as an "easy person" and all sorts of unwanted complications emerge. Right from Marwari idiots calling from PCOs to sly neighbourhood aunts. I completely empathise with women who have had to face such problems only because they were not hypocrites.

But for guys, I just dont ever get it. For example, this guy whom we shall call dickhead (for obvious reasons) who used to keep telling me about how he rammed this girl & that girl. When actually came in his pants even before he can take them off when he finally gets that coy, innocent girl in bed. (he confessed in a moment of absolute vulnerability induced by excessive consumption of alcohol).

What's the point of bragging. If you've bonked a girl, good for you. If you havent, claiming to have done so wont make you a stud. I personally like it when people keep silence on the subject in front of people they should, rather than claiming to be virgins (read slutty girls) or not (dickhead guys). And that's how it should be!

PS: Wanted to write something about the anti-reservation protests, but felt too disheartened and "out of it" to do so. While brooding on the subject I remembered the conversation with slutty chic. So just out of spite for her (and for people like her), this is here.