Friday, May 19, 2006

anti-reservations? No, Iam pro-"sitting my ass on the couch!"

I've passed out of college, subject only to a few 30-odd mark exams I have to appear for next week. I've cracked CAT and managed to secure admission to the MICA admission programme. In two years time I should be on my way to high-profile career, wtf should I care what happens to the IIMs and IITs and suchlike from hereon in. All the people I know, for whom it will matter, I'll just look back with a twisted smile and say "Haha suckers! Bet you didnt see that coming! Good luck trying to get a decent degree now." I'll even hire a few OBC students from IIMs and IITs to rub it in.

But what I will NOT do is, grow a two-penny conscience and say damn! the reservations suck, politicians should be shot... blah-blah till someone asks me to come for that anti-reservations rally. Then I'd conviniently point out - "you know what, I'd love to. But I have exams you see."

No, I wont do that. I wont go to Orkut and call Arjun Singh names and discuss the "Rang de Basanti" formula as a possible way out. I wont have another debate on the subject.

I will instead, sit on my couch and order a pizza home. Will watch a movie or some world-cup special programme (there is something on the subject on every channel), or download some more Queen songs.

But IF someone out there honestly wants to go out & toil in the field, then go confirm with this & drop me a mail. Will come.