Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Suspended animation...

... is the state this blog shall be left to exist in for till the 10th of may, 2006.

I've not been able to post regularly lately, and that's basically a result of being very preoccupied with all the complications of my university thingie. I leave town to go be in Punjab shortly for the marraige of my first-cousin.

So pliss excuse me while I go on a short break and a nice little holiday.

In the meanwhile, have fun and have safe sex :P And do check back on the 10th!!

Well, Iam back... sort of! Am typing this out in Chandigarh and will not reach home before the 11th morning. So that's still another two days till my next post!

But I promised I'll be back on the 10th. Presto, look Iam a few minutes early ;)