Saturday, April 01, 2006

Movie taglines...

... are something I've never been able to understand. I mean what's the point of adding a phrase or so as footer of sorts under the name of the movie. If your movie is bad, nobody is going to come & watch it just because you added a self-explaining tagline to go with it. Maybe you would have better luck if you added Payal Rohatgi & a couple of semi-nude scenes. I mean here is a lady who can sell her films without having the need of stupid, demeaning taglines. Think Tauba-Tauba, Mazaa-Mazaa, Mr 100%, Fun, Chetna, etc. But then again that's a different story altogether.

Sample a few:

Daag - The Fire... A trend-setter of sorts in Bollywood in terms of adding a tagline to make the lameass name of your movie sound cool. Observe already the fine standards of creativity on display. I mean everyone knows Daag (stain) and Fire go hand-in-hand. And for the few who've been unlucky enough to see the movie (I was)... you'd be left wondering where exactly was the stain & what fire was it exactly that the producer had in mind.

Waqt - Race against time... Loosely translated it reads: Time - Race against Time. huh. No more comments.

Resident Evil - Iam Alice & I remember everything... Good for you bitch! Nice to know Hollywood gets into the act too.

Lucky - No time for love... A tribute to the producer's favourite lines everytime the aishwarya look-alike heroine went into his van. The rest of the line went something like - "... time now for *****"

I could go on forever but I cannot, inspite of all the bullshit I've seen in the name of cinema, I cannot remember too many taglines. Thankfully.

Coming back to Payal Rohatgi. I think we should have Payal Rohatgi in every movie. That is the only way we can fight this trend of inserting stupid taglines to movie titles. I mean it's an open secret that Bollywood people are very superstitious about stuff which makes money. So if a thriller succeeds, everyone else will make thrillers... if a period movie works, everyone else jumps on the bandwagon... similarly if movies without taglines make money, everyone else will go for it too.

Payal Rohatgi has already shown the way... 12 films, countless wet-dreams & profit for the producers (and their low-budget investments).

Bah! Rang de Basanti - a generation awakens! Who needs you. Bring on Payal Rohatgi please...