Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Freaky Chakra's Personality Test:

The last couple of posts were quite heavy & all... so, decided to have some fun with this one :)

Well, here is a test designed by many qualified idiots who could not get around to study anything meaningful aka psychologists. Here is a picture of Freaky Chakra and Angel... look carefully at the picture for twenty-seven nanoseconds and if you still have your interest-levels intact, proceed further. Otherwise, stop. Repeat. Till interest levels permit proceeding further.

Good, now that you've already proceeded further, so we know atleast one thing for sure that you sure have a hell lot of time on your hands. Thus we can safely rule out the possibility of you being Manmohan Singh, because it is part of his job-profile to be busy all the time. Not really work as such, but be busy all the time.

I know it is kind of disappointing to know that you are not the Prime-minister of India. Iam heart-broken too at this point everytime I take this test! But guess what, cheer up... there are is an entire list of things of what you could be! So, without further ado... read on & see what matches with your thoughts on seeing the picture!

The beer-on-the-couch-all-day guy:
Simple. The man in the background farted a rather nasty one. The girl cant take it & so he, immune to nasty smells (through his own toxic brand of farts!!), be trying to help her getting through it...

The Feminist:
The girl has suddenly realised that through the ages males have oppressed women and have absolutely disregarded their contribution by always being chauvinist pigs and something to the effect... meanwhile the guy is wondering whether he should attempt to steal another glance over to check out the exposed cleavage of the girl on the next table!

The chronic hindi soap viewer
Angel's just told me that she is pregnant, and Iam shocked meanwhile the man in the background is our "enemy" who has "overheard" our conversation. He is now waiting for the camera to swing to a close-up of his face so that he can smirk and his voiceover can state what heinous plot he is cooking.

The "intellectual":
There are certain plants/leaves in the background which reflect that both these characters in the foreground are reckless, wild and impulsive, while the faint hint of a building like structure looming in the distance hints that their problems are basically about trying to fit their natural, impulsive instincts into the "conventions of a regimented lifestyle".

It's very European, the style... pretty easy to figure if you "know" what you are talking about!
The Indian politician:
Making democracy function, the guy is passing a bribe "under the table

The Jihadi:
America and Israel are responsible for the this woman's sorrow... come, let's blow up another car and get back at them!

Arjun Singh lobbyist:
And that is why we are providing OBC reservations so that daughters of wealthy OBC seths like this do not get upset at not being able to make some decent shit from their miserable silver-spoon lives after 21 years of reservations!
The marwari MCP idiot:
Abey, she was makings the so much noise so I slaps her. What yaar I have so much money I will get the new girlfriend!"

The Beatles fan:
"It's real love... it's real.
Yes, it's real love..."
The Phoney-Beatles fan:
"While my guitar gently weeps..." (one song, all occasions!)
The Bollywood movie freak:
Saala, Sanjay Gupta is a genius! (reference: Kaante, Zinda)
Baba Ramdev loyalist:
My "Pranayam" yoga cures everythng from cancer to bad farts... see the man in the background is practising my special breathing techniques and is blissfully happy! (For more information ask CPI(M) and Brinda Karat).
Medha Patkar:
Iam going colour-blind now... what how long has my hunger-strike been going on?
Tushar Kapoor:
Hah! One guy Iam more handsome than!
The anxious blogger:
Will this post get more than 10 comment?
The not-so-anxious blogger:
Will this post get more than 12 comments?
The X-rated pervert (courtsey: shristi-lover, Ghentu Khan & Frodo - langa buddies of Freaky Chakra)
Basically to the effect too much pleasure is bad for health!
The Presidency student:
Ayi, the guy molested the girl... let's organise a protest dharna against this gross injustice & demand the resignation of the prinicpal!!
The JU student:
Damn the Moni-da Canteen... so many mosquitoes!
The Loretto student:
Alert the nuns... alert the nuns, a guy!! Here we make love only among girls!
There! Hope you enjoyed this and in the process got to know yourself a little better :) Always glad to help out!