Thursday, March 09, 2006


... is it SO hard for women to understand men?? No, seriously. I know there is a sizeable female readership of this blog *ahem ahem* so maybe someone can shed some light on this.

No, this isn't going to be a oh-my-girlfriend-and-I-had-another-fight kind of post. Nor does it seek to be a Men are from Mars & Women are from Lala-land kinda shit either. So if you have theories on the latter please do not invoke my wrath (which as said earlier, is readily invokable these days). Oh & also, do not explain these on the basis of zodiac, vaasthu-thu, feng-shoes, african pagan beliefs, or any of such voodoo mumbo-jumboo.

Right. So now that it is out of the way, we can actually come back again to fundamental question that is "why"! For example, if I guy wants to stay up all night to watch a soccer match involving a team from Spain and another from England and in the process misses his class in the morning... why do girls get mad at that? I mean I know. I'll be rational... for most girls Spain & England are good countries, easy to spell & pronounce & full of hot men... so essentially no problems. But it is still beyond most to understand why someone fromIndia who's never actually watched an East Bengal-Mohan Bagan derby, could have interest in such a clash?


But we guys, we dont understand a lot of things about girls either. For example, why is it "necessary" to wear kajal everyday? Why for example girls are so fussy about their hair, why they choose such hideous colours for their nails and pray why in the Lord's name do they consider wearing spectacles "nerdy" inspite of having the shit fucked out of their eyes by their stupid contact lenses!

On such matters, we just clam up and shrug... look the other way and say to ourselves - "must be a girl thing". Or we just clam up & start fantasising about the comparative boob-sizes of *you fill the name of the female celebs according to ur tastes*. We dont ask silly questions on the lines of "What's so interesting? There is no Indian player involved."

Oh and another thing, when girls go on and on about how their day was down to the last, sad detail - in full details - why is it that they are never satisfied with the guy's performance while "listening" to them. You participate too much, then you are accused of not letting her speak... You dont participate at all & of course you are a pig.

"You'll never understand" - Pat. The bulletproof response when confronted with what is the ideal course of action in such a situation!

What I dont get is, most guys are just glad that we have someone to listen to our shit. We dont go on and on about "how they should be listening". With so many games & boobs in the world, it's hard to keep our concentration going you know!

Why can't girls ever get that??

PS: Any attempts to as much as even mention "Hum Tum" in the comments section will automatically earn the right to be regarded by good ol Freaky Chakra as having an IQ level below 10, in which case he shall volunteer to register (all costs borne) the person in to some reputable "special-home".

PS#2: No. This is not my fight with my girlfriend... but you are free to interpret it whichever way you choose to ;)