Monday, March 06, 2006

Ways to Kill Karan Johar

10. Throw him in a cauldron full of pirhanas
9. Electrocute his nipples
8. Conduct an experiment on field rats... how much of Karan Johar they can eat? As an extra incentive, just out of spite u can watch the rats die out of toxic poisoning from eating his flesh.
7. Give him a brain -transplant with a mountain goat & make him watch his own movies. (Mountain goats are supposedly smarter than him)
6. Does anyone remember reading a report in The Telegraph about how the lions at the Alipore Zoo were ill-fed?
5. Make him smell his own breath. Or better still lock him in a room without his deodrant. (He stinks so much)
4.Shoot Him
3. Failed your driving test again?
2. An experimental surgery to replace facial tissue with grape jelly... NO!! You gotta be kiddin me man! No way some intelligent, self-aware man can ever volunteer for that.
1. Impale him on a tall, well-oiled pole blunted enuf to ensure it doesnt pierce thru his asshole very fast. But wait... he'd enjoy that right?

PS: This is from my old blog. Megha sparked off the revival of this post by suggesting that the monster in question should be shot in a very tender place... hehe! So, here you are... cheers!