Thursday, March 16, 2006

Things I thought this post would be about...

1. A time-table kind breakup of my day today. Gave it up because the most interesting thing that happened to me today was a Barista blue-berry muffin, which didn't have blue-berry paste thing inside. Hmm... come to think of it, good call I guess.

2. Thought about writing about my impending brush with my barber. Still debating whether I should get that crew-cut or just go plain-old fashioned bald. Didn't think anyone would be interested in that sort of thing... I mean after all this is a guy talking about hair!! C'mon really.

But want to know something cool? My barber wears a cowboy hat! No kidding

3. A tribute post. Kurt Cobain. No. Too tired to search for a decent pic of the guy now.

4. A tag. Oh shit... didnt I just do that! Crap

5. A random post... But what exactly do you write in a "random" post?

6. Bitch about the stupid, arrogant and bully of a moderator who just blocked a thread I started at a forum. It was perfectly legal and everything. But I already sent him a mail about it. Dont want to type something on similar lines.

7. Write about soccer. When in doubt, always go for soccer. Soccer is simple. Soccer is divine. Only a small problem... Chelsea are out of the Champions League and Iam still nursing the wounds.

8. Write about the time Hutch ripped me last month... wanted to write about it all along, but could not fit it in. Now I guess it's too old.

9. Ooh-ooh, I got it... I came 3rd in a college quiz yesterday!! No wait. Am not a nerd... sorry, hands off!!

10. I give up. How about a post on people giving up? No. Too lame.

So there, inspite of trying really hard to come up with something interesting for a post... Iam afraid, I've failed outright.

Iam sorry. Please excuse my blogger's block! *goes off in a corner to sulk*