Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sorry... Eggjactly - argghh!!

It started innocently... and no one suspected that it would be such a bloody rage. Javed Jaferi, (dont know the spelling) - one of my underdog favourites of Bollywood started it. Normally Iam very happy when people like Javed, Arshad Warsi and all get acknowledged by the masses... I mean surely these people deserve it more than the horrors that are unleashed upon us in the name of Tushar Kapoor, Uday Chopra, Lara Dutta, etc.

But it is the classic example of a good thing gone bad due to over-indulgence. Iam talking about the annoying craze among the junta to constantly respond to "sorry" with an "egg-jactly" ala Javed in the hit 2005 movie - Salaam Namaste.

Now here are a few facts that Freaky-Chakra insists that people should consider before indulging in the very same -
  1. Stop. It's not funny anymore. You should get the clue when every second person speaks like that.
  2. It's supposed to be spontaneous. If you try and channel a conversation towards a "sorry", so you can interject... then it looks plain stupid.
  3. You are not Javed Jaaferi... so chances are you will look stupid anyways.

And it's not just the "sorry-eggjactly" phenomenon. It's like suddenly it is fashionable to speak in crooked english - "Iam the walking to my home"... "My girlfriends is goings to gets angry withs me" & so on, you get the idea.

It's like so annoying, everytime a movie comes out with some "cleverly" designed phrase to get accepted as a part of daily lexicon - Lo & Behold! The masses just swallow it up! Like gullible little idiots... they just swallow it up.

Remember that monster Karan Johar? Good. Take for an example his last movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Suddenly the phrase "Take a chill-pill" became like a rage, because the characters in the film kept repeating it like parrots in the most inappropriate times and in the most inappropriate diction. I mean you could almost see that hideous grin of that monster as he probably bragged at all the social get-togethers he visited that season - see, I introduced this term to India!!"

And just when you think it couldnt get any worse... Pizza Hut have adopted the lingo & the man behind the lingo (Javed) for an atrociously designed ad-campaign "Pizza Hut treats, you just cant beats!" & the same person was also appointed as a host for the filmfare awards where he could do the same routine again. I mean, don't people feel bored? Frustrated? Violent?

Uff, I feel the need to box someone real hard!!

PS #1: I havent seen Salaam Namaste, I have disowned my sister for having drugged and dragged me to Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham & my knowledge of the Filmfare awards comes only from the rushes I saw on TV.

PS #2: In a completely unrelated topic... there is a big awareness drive going on to sensitise people about the evils of eve-teasing and related sexual crimes against women. Contribute your opinions, comments, testimonies, etc as a part of the Blanknoise Project blogathon on 7th March, 06 on your Blog.