Saturday, March 18, 2006

Of suicide and related things...

Well, I always knew I was going to do a post on this. And I always knew I was going to hesitant about doing it while I was at it. Iam not suicidal... let me make that clear from the beginning. I haven't felt that way for a very long time now, twenty months to be more precise! But this is not about that.

This is about the fact that I cannot stand people who say that the ones who commit suicide are "cowards". This is about all those arguments I've had with so many people, angel included, about the very same.

"You know he had a 3-year old daughter"... "What about her parents, they are over 60 you know"... "how can anybody be so stupid, it's just an exam you know"...

I cannot stand to hear comments like these. I cannot stand people who say stuff like this. Make no mistake, Iam not endorsing suicide. I do not think it is a solution to any of life's problems... I do not think that the idea of suicide is romantic or anything. Nor am I trying to demean the anguish and pain of the ones left behind.

All Iam asking for is peace for the one who's gone.

Sitting in your room, sipping your coffee and surfing your internet it is very easy to say judgemental shit. Fine. You've also been suicidal too. You had bad times too... & you too contemplated going the distance. But spare me the bullshit of how you did not fall prey to the "temptation"... of how you thought of your loved ones and decided it was too selfish of you to go ahead.

Good for you. Iam gald you are alive today and Iam glad we are having this argument here. But do not use your standards to judge anyone else's position. If someone has killed himself because his girlfriend dumped him... parents split or he failed in his exams... whatever you have no right to judge him.

Discourage anyone from taking a similar step. Be sensitive to people, be open to the ones left behind... but do not "judge" anyone's reasons. What may seem stupid to you, pointless and vague, was not viewed from the same lens by the person in question. And frankly it was not entirely his fault that such was the case.

Selfish, I hear? Well... of course. I couldn't agree with you more. It is the ultimate act of selfishness, and hence must be respected for the same. We fight to survive from our first birth... life is something we crave for from the very start.

Imagine someone who has felt something so bad, that he doesnt want life itself anymore. Try and remember the lowest point of your own suicidal moments (if you've had them)... don't really care na, who says what or who's left behind na?

"There can be no reason strong enough to justify a suicide" someone very close once told me...

Nobody's looking for justifying anything... they're looking for peace. So shut up and give them a moment of silence instead!