Thursday, March 23, 2006

Of ring-tailed lemurs

"... This particular lemur is called a ring-tailed lemur. Nobody knows why it is called this, and generations of scientists have been baffled by it. One day a very wise person indeed will probably work it out why it is called a ring-tailed lemur. If this person is exceedingly wise, then he or she will only tell very close friends, in secret, because otherwise everybody will know it, and then nobody will realise how wise the first person to know it was..."

- The Salmon of Doubt (For children only)
by Douglas Adams
God, how I hate pseudo-intellectuals. Or how they leech off each other...
The funny thing is everyone will tell you they hate pseudo-intellectuals. Nobody will admit to be one. A good clue is when you start thinking or talking like a patronising idiot, to anyone who doesnt agree with your views on films, music... Lenin & Marx, etc.
Update: Thanks to everyone who responded to the last post... but because it was a tad too personal so Iam removing it fromthe blog. The problem was regarding the clearing of my graduation degree from my university. But it has been solved and hopefully no more hccups from the bureaucratic setup will derail my awaiting MBA education :)
But thanks again to everyone... wasnt expecting such a heart-warming reaction! *hugs everyone*