Sunday, March 12, 2006

A job application...

The Essay: Why I will send my daughter to a B-school but not my son

Reason #1: Average life-expectancy of women is greater than men. Thus, my daughter is likely to outlive my son - more value for money!

Reason #2: My son will be too busy on his way to train as tennis athlete in USA and become a millionaire by the time he is 23.

Reason #3: Owing to bad genes inherited from her father, my daughter will not be applicable to try out as a model/actress. Thus, the only other way of her making it big surely would be to bag a MBA degree from a reputed B-school

Reason #4:
My wife being the radical feminist she is, won't let me send my son to a B-school. Her argument is we cannot afford to spend a fortune for a MBA on both our children. So, to make up for the gross injustice and centuries of denied opportunities to women... it would be only fair we go with our daughter. If only to symbolically make up for the injustices of patriarchy!

Reason #5: Iam just too scared of my wife! (read reason #4 again)

Reason #6:
My son is a Liverpool fan.

Reason #7:
My future son-in-law's grand plan for supporting my daughter is by banking on the clauses of my final will.

Reason #8: Chetan Bhagat became a published (and popular - the two necessarily do not go hand in hand) writer after a MBA. I feel a B-school education is just what my daughter needs to win the next Booker for India.

My son on the other hand cannot stop doodling unmentionable sketches on his writing pad.

Reason #9:** - of course, males are second class-citizens not deserving a space of their own. If Pagalguy thinks this way... must be true. No use financing his B-school education then.

Reason #10: Mr Desai, my neighbour has promised me a handsome discount on a brand new taxi. Of course it's a known fact that lawyers and taxi-drivers rule the world. So being a concerned and caring father...
PS: They wanted a sample of my writing, had to mail a 300-350 word essay on the given topic. So this is what went in... hehe!! Great 1st impressions na!!
**, where I've applied for the job are planning a "forum" of some sort called - where as you've guessed it... no guys are allowed!! :)