Thursday, March 30, 2006

A frustrating Mind-bender!

Requirement: To pass 18 honours papers and 8 Extra-Departmental (ED) courses, over six semester (and 3 years) to get your graduation degree on time.

Mark distribution:
Total 50 marks per paper.
10 marks for internal assessment
10 for mid-semester exams
30 marks for the final semester exams

To pass the course, you need 20/50.

The problem: In my 1st semester, I committed the cardinal sin of developing a brain disorder called Neurocysteroses and having unrelenting parents ("politcal science?? Really, are you sure you dont wanna join the business??). I missed almost the whole semester and all internal assessments.

So, while appearing for the final exams, I had to get 20/30 to pass the course. I did so in three papers. The fourth paper - An ED in Economics, I did not appear for it, because I did not think I could've got 20/30.

What about the 4th Paper?: Rules say, a back-paper can be cleared every alternate semester, i.e. back-paper in 1st sem can be cleared in 3rd and 5th sems.

My fault - Did not attempt to clear it in 3rd sem. Laziness... sheer laziness.

A new rule came up... if it is your last attempt to clear a back-paper, then just getting 12/30 is enough instead 20/30. Needless to say I was delighted. Appeared and secured 15/30. Scot-free? R u kidding me? This is Marxist-Bengal... not a fuckin chance!

Shock #1:

"You did not appear for the exam in the 1st sem, therefore this is your first attempt to clear the paper... hence the 12/30 rule doesnt apply to you"

This they tell me on the day I go to collect my marksheet, after having scouted every office from the Dean to Head-of-Department and all before exams. No one told me about this. Thank you so much!

So, I run to the Dean of Arts' office -

"Did you take the admit card?"

"Yes, sir"

"Is this subject on that card?"

"Yes, sir"

"Then it's not a problem... If a student has registered for an exam & not appeared for it physically, it is considered as an attempt. This is all a protocol error"

I was delighted... Scot-free? Ru kidding me again?? Hah, you dumb kid... we are the bureaucratic machinary of India - we've been paid & bred to make sure we rape the happiness of upstarts like you!

Today: Shock #2

"It was decided in 2005, that the admit-card registration would be enough to count as an exam-attempt. Your exam was held in 2004. Hence, you are not eligible again"

So, as it stands now... My degree is hung again and Iam too distracted to think or write anything straight...