Thursday, March 02, 2006

FRIENDS, the finale...

Saw something today, which I did not really think would've made me sad. I had been following the last few episodes of FRIENDS on star world this past week. Yesterday was the last episode of the series which like me, so many others thw world over had made a part of their life.

Today... was the "post-taping" episode, where all the six come together for a final chat with Oprah at the Central Perk coffee house set. And inspite of myself I completely expected it to be a totally sappy show where everyone says nice things about everyone else and to some extent it was so.

Jennifer Aniston referring to "Ross and Rachel" as completely different people and being very gaurded about saying too much of the other half of the most famous televised couple ever. But inspite of myself I continued watching...

... and by the end, I felt really sad. Not the tear in eyes and lump in throat kind of sad... but the plain, old-fashioned sadness. There was never going to be another new season of FRIENDS!!


I just wish they ahd been given a more elegant sendoff on Indian television. A lot of people did not even know of these final episodes on Star World, and not many followed it when they were airing it on Zee English. Anyways, tomorrow there is another episode (actually the entire last episode of one hour is being telecast over two days), where they tour their sets and the like.

The last time... somehow, it's always romantic and nostalgic to refer to finality and seek closure.

PS: The "final-bow" from the last episode - Not their best pic I would imagine... but certainly their last together as Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Monica, Rachel and Joey.

Thanks guys, cya around...