Wednesday, March 01, 2006

10 better things to do than googling for Maria Sharapova

10. Go desi: Try Sania instead!
9. Study for tomorrow's exam on Indian Foreign Policy (...##@!!!)
8. Get some sleep. (no wait... that aint better than Sharapova)
7. Remind yourself of the futility of the exercise... you'll never get to see her in three-dimensions
6. Write to your cousins!
5. Practise & finally learn to play "Every breath you take" on the guitar.
4. Change the CD in the tray... listening to the Nirvana playlist for the 6th straight time, is an assault on the ears
3. Think of better posts for your blog
2. Reminding yourself that the loo is three rooms away & any mess created shall have to duly explained the next day to a questioning mother and a suspicious maid.

Oh & now for the BIG one...

1. Googling for Maria Sharapova after inserting the words "free nude pics" in the search!