Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine's Day... the hidden viewpoint!

Ya, so wat's so special about the lousy 14th of lousy Feb? Some half-naked kid angel goes around trying to shoot arrows into people's butts so that smitten they run to the nearest gift-shop and purge their money on buying expensive and not-so-expensive mushy gifts for their "better-half"s, and in the process fuel a multi-million (or wait is it billion....) dollar industry catering to the task of making half-baked, supposedly cuddly stuffed-toys and shitty greeting cards made from the pulp of thousands of trees which have been chopped down to make these cheesy items for loosers who cannot even own up their feelings on their own and need special days, marketed and hyped by top-class marketing executive who have of course received their MBA degrees on subsidised education from the top B-schools burdening the already over-burdened tax liabilities of the comman man who now has no other alternative but to go into tax-evasion, which again is a crime and the Government with its new policies of awareness and advertisements, featuring little pesky brats preaching - "papa, honesty is the best policy", make it a burden on his conscience too!!

So now you have a situation where the average man has to spend money to buy his better half gifts (ya you assholes.... one more thing, another person who refers to their girlfriend or wife as their "Better-half" will get two punches in the nose from me... can u cut out being like Soham!! - O he's just this guy in my college who thinks its cool to call his girlfriend his better-half and to tuck in his t-shirts into his jeans... no, he hasnt been punched yet, but I might just drop-kick his jaw tomorrow, so keep waitin...). SHit, I lost my train of thought.... Damn u Soham!! Let's start again...

So now you have a situation where the average man has to spend money to buy valentine gifts and spend more of it as his pending tax liabilities and cannot even sleep decently at night after trying to make his ends meet by evading tax because his two-penny conscience wont let him rest... (the ones u grow after watching Aastha channel for 15 mins... unless u r me of course, cuz I only grow a desire to run a chainsaw through those seer types)

But coming back to the point, doesnt anyone else see the evil here in V-day?Doesnt anybody else feel for the plight of the average man? Anybody.... Anybody....

ps: This post is from an earlier blog, one of my first. The pic's new of course!! :)