Monday, February 27, 2006

Tall, Dark & Handsome...

... the last one is perfectly understandable. What dark actually stands for, is the point for some debate. Some maru gals I know assure me it means "dark-skin", while angel absolutely insists it stands for "dark-eyed" men. So even though I want to go with the latter... it's really not my call to pass opinions on something Iam not sure about.

BUT, what-the-fuck has "tall" got to do when some random babe is picturising an ideal guy? I mean nobody is saying go date midgets, but gravity-challenged individuals dont look good on you, especially if you are like 5 feet 2 inches!

It annoys me to no ends when I hear a girl gush "Tall" is a necessity! No kidding, are you like serious? The concept of TDH is probably a western one, where the average chic is like late 5 feets or something. Tall is a necessity there I guess. But out here... no shit man?

Ask a guy the same question, and the chances are he will say - "she should have great boobs", "...great ass", "should have nice eyes...", bla-bla. But that is my point. What does tall do? Nothing. You cant eat tall... you cant screw tall! & if girls mean "something" else... then might as well just say it na, "my guy should have a big, strong..."

Tall is stupid as a criteria... try "intelligent" if you have to!

PS: No Iam not a midget running around pouring my derision out on my blog because my girlfriend dumped for a guy who'd give Eiffel Tower a complex! At 5'8" I think I have been blessed with a 'decent' height & just for the record, my girlfriend has not gone anywhere either :)