Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Palmistry... really? wow, how original!!

This happened yesterday when I was at this stupid coaching session for one of the management interviews Iam to be up for this week. I mean you know it is going to be a stupid session when there are only seven people attending it, and the most interesting person in the lot seems to be this guy with ruffled hair claiming *and i kid u not* that the preparations for CAT changed him a lot - now he can live beyond his AC room!!!

Needless to say he was a "maru", showing-off . I mean dont take me for being a communally-biased person, but as this fellow I met once put it so eloquently - "cant help it if all the choots belong to the same community!!" - BUT... but, that's a different story altogether.

Coming back - it so happened this group had two girls as well (one of them from St Xavs - eco or something). Girl #1... who we shall henceforth refer to Miss Sweaty Armpits (for obvious reasons) started flirting with good ol' Freaky Chakra (that says something about how bad the group was, now doesnt it!!). Hmmm. She proceeded in her enthusiasm to give me a free palm reading & the only thing she was willing to discuss was my love-life!

"how many relationships have you had?"..."you are serious with someone na!"... "you've had your heartbroken atleast once very badly!!".... HELLOOOO!!

I mean maybe I look really stupid in person or something because I cannot really expect anyone to expect that they can sell such generally-sweeping statements as palmistry, to anyone who is intelligent.

I mean, I can still respect people who believe in these firmly & have a sound understanding about the whole thing. But when teenagers and young adults start showing off their "palmistry" skills to socialise or flirt with someone... man, there is rarely ever a more sad sight! Oh wow, you know palmistry... you've unlocked the most innermost of my secrets. Iam so impressed, come here you... let me smother you with kisses!! But just when I thought I was gonna choke & die; the conversation got better...

Sweaty Armpits: Going by ur nature, you seem like a Aries to me? Right?
(ya sure, on the basis of a 35 min interaction - of which I spent 15 trying to think of interesting names to call you - and on the basis of the three worthless hours of your pathetic existence you spent reading a Linda Goodman at best or at worst a Bejan Daruwallah... you've ascertained which of the twelve most general classifications of personalities, I belong to. Good job dumbass!!)

Freaky-Chakra: No, not Aries.

SA: ummn, Cancer then...

FC: No

SA: (enthusiastic smile) Must be Sagi!!

FC: No, not that one either.

SA: I give up... which one do u belong to?

FC: I belong to the donkey!

SA: huh? The donkey?

FC: Yes otherwise why would I still be interested in wasting my breath on you?