Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olypub, God & the night of 12 pukes!!

It is not a nice feeling to throw up 12 times in a night. Even further so when you have to scoop out semi-digested, little pieces of meat which have clogged the basin so that the pool of your vomit can go down the drain. Add to it the fact that your best friends are laughing their ass off, because you couldnt join them for a night out on account of ill-health. They still think the two beers you had in the evening with them have done this to you.

Throw in, for good measure, some blood along with pukes no 8, 11 and 12... and you have a very distressed Freaky Chakra, telling his equally distressed mother at 3:37 in the morning that he was sure that he was being punished by God for some crime...

(it's funny how people - when they go beyond reason, can resort to God... even though they may not be overtly fond of doing so otherwise). But then again, that's a completely different story altogether.
For now, I leave you with Freaky-Chakra's Lesson of the Day:
Never have two beef steaks at Olypub even if you have your best friend's dad paying for the treat... & even if you have two free (thunderbolt) beers to wash it down with.