Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just skirt it

Today was walking around the neighbourhood when I saw something which really made me very happy. There were these two girls walking in front of me, and one of them was wearing a skirt. Nothing very fancy, a normal short skirt... sweet and decent. And i found myself smiling.

Wait! Dont get me wrong, I was happy not because I got the chance to size up the contours of the exposed legs of the girl in question... but because of something entirely different.

I mean the only time you catch a normal, typical girl dressed in a short skirt is when she is in her school uniform or going for a formal function and suchlike. Very rarely is it used as a garment of daily, casual wear. The most common reason given for this is... that they just dont feel comfortable wearing skirts, especially with all these men salivating and sizing them up!

And that is something I find very wrong. Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable about something as innocuous as their casual, daily dress. Iam sick and tired of the "ooh she's wearing a sleeveless... i bet she likes to be given good"-kinda attitude!! And Iam going to punch the next guy who tells me with a straight face that the girls deserve it and they should dress properly!

My God!! It's just a bloody skirt. I dont get what's so indecent about it, the average saree shows more skin!! I mean it's just so parochial to think like that... and what is really sad is that alotta guys who think like this are not your "busti lungeewallahs". They are educated, fine young men from well-to-do families! Bah!

Somehow, I have never been able to come up with a more articulate response to their bullshit than - "UP YOURS!!"... & I hope it sends the message across too!

PS: I hadnt walked 5 steps, when a couple of idiots sitting on the steps of an old house sized up the girl with a glare that'd give Murlidharan a complex and proceeded to share a very broad, hideous knowing smile!
That's the average Indian male for you: As a friend of mine put it "ejaculates in less than 10 secs on seeing a naked girl"... or in this case... ooh-ooh, i see a leg yaar, abbe dekh kaise chal rahi hai... oooh-aaah!! - Shit!!