Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Freaky Chakra in Pune!!

Well, the lack of activity here was basically because dear ol' Freaky Chakra was out of town in small, lil ol' Pune on call. Here are some of the moments which stood out for me...

scandalising Hindu-sorry-asses!!
(iam a Punjabi-Hindu, by the way... just mentioning this so it doesnt rub people off the "wrong" way)

On my way down to Pune, these middle-aged, tika-bearing smart-asses came aboard. Of course they didnt have reserved tickets and of course they were only going two stations (and promptly made themselves at home for the next 4-5 hours). Normally, my course of action is to cuss my dad's miserliness and sit with my lips zipped. But these guys broke the VHP-approved code of "tolerance", that is the acceptance of "minority" cricketers like Zaheer & Irfan. This one man kept dissing them, all the while... (believe me) reading the Hanuman-Chalisa.

One of them leaned towards me in a friendly fashion (like they always do before proceeding to gobble up half of your seating space)

Hindu-sorry-ass: "aapka naam kya hai?" (what's your name?)

Freaky-Chakra: Ayub Khan.

That discouraged the man from trying to be overtly friendly, obviously it is too much to expect these idiots did so because of me sharing my name with an erstwhile Pakistani dictator of the same name. But anyhow, they soon started whispering amongst themselves and all. Then came the saviour... my dinner for the night (served at 7, mind you!! - but that's another story!!)... fortunately I had ordered a chicken plate.

I proceeded to gorge that rather meatless piece of bony-mesh in the most unsavory and disgusting fashion. The look on their faces was almost worth the upset stomach the next day!! Needless to say they left soon enough & no they didnt come back with tridents and all.

Rang de Basanti : The porn connection

Now I know, Pune has a young crowd and everything. Young people, especially young males are known to get er, excited everytime something with breasts approaches them. But I would solely attribute the behaviour of a plush multiplex crowd at the Rang de Basanti show at E-square, to watching to many nude firangi babes on the net.

I mean why would everyone suddenly start whistling and salivating everytime that UK babe came on screen, even though she did not seem at any point to be interested in taking her top off...

The Apache Stud

For Pune regulars, they should get this one. It's a very cool, heavy-metal & all kinda pub on the Fergusan College road. The crowd was cool, the music was loud and the beer was cheap. Everything was fine, till this giant of a guy showed up... a close friend of a bitchy friend of this friend I had met in Pune thanks to this friend I had gone there with in the first place - confused na? Me too... still trying to figure this one out.

He proceeded to down three tequilla shots without the lime & salt - that's the pussy way of having it, he elucidated later. He also shared his enlightening view on Canada raves and "horns of the devil" sign everyone holds up at rock concerts (ostensibly it signifies... hold your breath - I love you!!) The fact that his overtly accented english betrayed his roots was kinda funny.

Anyhow me, my friend and his pune friend (doin this on purpose now!!)... escaped to the familiar confines of Barista. The good thing about Barista at Pune is it stays open till late midnight.

The bad thing... the muffins are smaller!! :(

IMS Learning Centre (A small observation by the way)... is located just on the floor above Apache. Way to train those budding MBA aspirationals na!! :) Wish Erudite in Kolkata was equally charitable!!