Friday, February 10, 2006

5 reasons to not watch Rang de Basanti

Everyone is talking about it & you feel you just have to watch Rang de (for the second time!!)... but really, take a minute off & think. There are really a lot of reasons why you should give Rang de a pass...

5) Cultural Degradation... (The firang babe has a tattoo on her back!)

What? You've seen it twice & you missed it? Well good for you that ol' Freaky Chakra is here to tell you about it. It flashes right in the beginning of the movie when the firang babe goes for the meeting in which her project is sacked. Just as she's about to sit down... there... just then... for a split-second, you can see it. (besides the point how i spotted it... being a grade-A perv helps), think how this would affect the youth of today!!

VHP, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal & the other monkeys... are you taking note of this or have you guys sold your souls? Nobody wants to prevent the degradation of our precious Hindu moral fibre, everyone wants to smash the skulls of V-day lovers. (cant blame them tho, seems more fun!)

4) Visually Obscene

It has Soha Ali Khan... need I say more. With a nose that long... no wonder her boyfriend/fiancee decided to crash his jet rather than be with her. Just check out this still from Rang de & tell me honestly if she's scary or not??

3) Disillusionment

I mean what's the point in seeing a movie when you know it's lead actor will not even turn up to recieve the customary Best-Actor award, and the rest of the brilliant cast (excluding that Soha) will never be heard of again.

2) Soha will hail this as her 1st superhit. Really, do you want to be a part of something like that?

1) The Fraud Scene...

They dont air the "Horse scene". I mean everyone has been gushing that it's a brilliant movie and people have been falling over each other to be associated with it in some capacity or the other. Think about the poor Horse!! Duped!! It has been robbed of its due fame, specially since it carries Aamir Khan in most of the posters, tv promos & the CD covers.

PS: For more on the horse issue... watch Meneka Gandhi Vs Sharmila Tagore