Thursday, January 12, 2006



Is love merely a function of projecting one's desires and attitudes onto someone else in a manner which subscribes to their view of reality. Or is it about discovering oneself without the prejudices and limitations of insecurity imposed by the boundaries of isolationism.

It sounds infinitely more romantic to think the latter. However, the world has a weird way of moving in its circles... something people like Adam discover everyday. Oh well.

Among other things, today:
It's funny how soon some inconsequential success can transform yesterday's heretic into today's hero. Went to "Down the Lane" in Gariahat, and decided to settle for some cheese masala dosa. Normally Iam not a fan of south indian food, but even so when I say that the "masala" was unpalatable, it must be believed without prejudice. The saving grace however was this chutney that they served with the dosa. Angel kept insisting that it's called "Gunpowder chutney". No kidding then.
"What if someone sets it on fire when Iam eating it?" - my PJ of the day.
"Don't worry honey, I dont think it'd be enough to blow that blockhead off anyways" - Angel responds without looking up.