Monday, January 30, 2006

Iam a celebrity!!

So there i was walking along theatre road, minding my own business... humming some random song, picking my nose... the usual, when suddenly this dark, fat guy comes and blocks my way.

Me: "huh"

Dark, Fat guy: "sir, can you please spare a few moments to speak to the camera... we're from Channer 7"

Me: "huh"

Dark, Fat guy: "dont worry it wont take much of your time... we just need some reactions from you"

Me: "what about?"

Dark, Fat guy: "you know about Irfan Pathan's hat-trick!".

Blow me now!! Irfan Pathan had a hat-trick! That too in the 1st over, i was informed!! Was I hearing this right? Irfan Pathan right?

Me: "huh"

So, there it was. My fifteen minutes of fame & glory... or more like 40 seconds of it. Anyhow i answered like those idiots do on tv all the time. Mumbled something about being proud and about saurav ganguly or something. The worst part was that I had to do it in Hindi... something inspite of my upbringing iam not very comfortable doing. (shame shame!!)

My folks, who are prone to getting really excited about stuff like this, sat for two straight hours watching Channel 7 to see their son on TV. Curiously however, it was not aired (at least not when my folks were watching) even though the dark, fat guy told me it would be done so in about half-an-hour.

I say it's a bloody conspiracy man. A new attempt to boost the viewership of the channel. See, it worked even.

Anyhow, India goofed up the test eventually to reassure the world that life,universe and everything was still going on as it was supposed to be. As much for the TV interview... i'll just let it be an SEP for now.