Saturday, January 14, 2006

By the swings

Today, had nothing to do in the evening so went down over to the club-math (CM) for a game of volleyball. Just my luck, nobody was playing. But the swings of the CM had been repaired. That was odd, because in about the three years that had passed since I had discovered the place along with the Baniya (my childhood friend).... this was the first time I saw the swings repaired.

I did not feel like going anywhere else, so I just sat on one of the swings and watched the CM as it stretched out in front of me. It was completely empty, and dark. It was one of those moments when you suddenly feel that life has just been standing still in some forgotten corners of the world, while you've been running crazy all over the place. One feels humbled at such moments, and so I just sat there at the CM in silence for about a half hour.

Then Baniya came by looking for me, because we were supposed to be meeting at the CM about that time. I watched him enter the park, but did not call out to him. I sat there silently by the swing, till he whipped out his mobile and placed me a call...

ps: we did play volleyball, a little later when some of the people came around. Won two matches. But that's another story.