Thursday, January 26, 2006

And among other things...

"Happy birthday sir" I growled still looking into the mirror, as he walked past me while I was busy shaving myself.

"Thank you sir" he didnt stop either.

Incidentally, my father turns 56 today. Ma made gajar ka halwa and all, but that's about as close as we will ever get to celebrating something like this.

Went down for some Pizza in the evening, Angel got her first salary. She was pretty excited about it too. Brought a Biryani dinner for her whole family and everything.

Made me kind of wonder what I did with my first salary. Ummn... cant recall doing something for anyone. Felt really petty and selfish, so just came home and sulked. Oh and fought with Angel of course... but that I guess was a given...

Presently listening to: The Gnome by Pink Floyd.

Presently wondering: Lakshya vs DCH (they r showin Laksya on TV)