Monday, January 30, 2006

Iam a celebrity!!

So there i was walking along theatre road, minding my own business... humming some random song, picking my nose... the usual, when suddenly this dark, fat guy comes and blocks my way.

Me: "huh"

Dark, Fat guy: "sir, can you please spare a few moments to speak to the camera... we're from Channer 7"

Me: "huh"

Dark, Fat guy: "dont worry it wont take much of your time... we just need some reactions from you"

Me: "what about?"

Dark, Fat guy: "you know about Irfan Pathan's hat-trick!".

Blow me now!! Irfan Pathan had a hat-trick! That too in the 1st over, i was informed!! Was I hearing this right? Irfan Pathan right?

Me: "huh"

So, there it was. My fifteen minutes of fame & glory... or more like 40 seconds of it. Anyhow i answered like those idiots do on tv all the time. Mumbled something about being proud and about saurav ganguly or something. The worst part was that I had to do it in Hindi... something inspite of my upbringing iam not very comfortable doing. (shame shame!!)

My folks, who are prone to getting really excited about stuff like this, sat for two straight hours watching Channel 7 to see their son on TV. Curiously however, it was not aired (at least not when my folks were watching) even though the dark, fat guy told me it would be done so in about half-an-hour.

I say it's a bloody conspiracy man. A new attempt to boost the viewership of the channel. See, it worked even.

Anyhow, India goofed up the test eventually to reassure the world that life,universe and everything was still going on as it was supposed to be. As much for the TV interview... i'll just let it be an SEP for now.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Beer and Sex

Realised today that I can go four beers straight without flinching. Was honestly impressed with my own feat! Iam now officially what my "mero" friends back in school used to refer to as a "tanker"!!

Ah, enough of massaging my ego. Things were put rightly in perspective as Raunaq very bluntly put it -

"there are two things we Indians can never match Americans... their capacity for beer, and their stamina for sex..."

Sadly i nodded!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

And among other things...

"Happy birthday sir" I growled still looking into the mirror, as he walked past me while I was busy shaving myself.

"Thank you sir" he didnt stop either.

Incidentally, my father turns 56 today. Ma made gajar ka halwa and all, but that's about as close as we will ever get to celebrating something like this.

Went down for some Pizza in the evening, Angel got her first salary. She was pretty excited about it too. Brought a Biryani dinner for her whole family and everything.

Made me kind of wonder what I did with my first salary. Ummn... cant recall doing something for anyone. Felt really petty and selfish, so just came home and sulked. Oh and fought with Angel of course... but that I guess was a given...

Presently listening to: The Gnome by Pink Floyd.

Presently wondering: Lakshya vs DCH (they r showin Laksya on TV)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Barista too far...

Damn the Kolkata traffic, got held up at Park Circus for over 35 mins. Consequently, was 25 mins late for an exam. Being the magnanimous darling that he is, the prof decided to penalise me only "15 mins" instead of 25! Bloody great! Couldnt even finish 60% of my answer & was terribly depressed (had actually studied for this one).

So, wanted to go down to Barista to have those delicious Blueberry Muffins they have there, but Angel insisted on staying back at college. So I sat hungry, glum-faced, and silent and angry... while she shamelessly wolfed down chilli-chicken & ruti

Stupid traffic - bad exam - no blueberry muffin...

Life can be so bloody unfair at times!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


... The internet is down at home! Crap, I've been stuck by the scourage of every blogger on the net. God, the last few days have been so frustrating!!

Isn't this just plain bloody annoying?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A day in the life...

Event of the day:
Angel and I, on a whim today decided to chat the whole night away. Got her enough recharge to sustain the same & am currently waiting for her call. Am presently surprised at the levels of nervous excitement and thrill that have enveloped me now.

Maybe people in love should act crazy sometimes... it feels real good to feel the same rushes again!

Lesson of the day:
Re-visiting the past holds no therapeutic powers. Especially, if you have nothing to be sad or morose about.

Declaration of the day:
Tomorrow I'll be the "King of the World"!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

By the swings

Today, had nothing to do in the evening so went down over to the club-math (CM) for a game of volleyball. Just my luck, nobody was playing. But the swings of the CM had been repaired. That was odd, because in about the three years that had passed since I had discovered the place along with the Baniya (my childhood friend).... this was the first time I saw the swings repaired.

I did not feel like going anywhere else, so I just sat on one of the swings and watched the CM as it stretched out in front of me. It was completely empty, and dark. It was one of those moments when you suddenly feel that life has just been standing still in some forgotten corners of the world, while you've been running crazy all over the place. One feels humbled at such moments, and so I just sat there at the CM in silence for about a half hour.

Then Baniya came by looking for me, because we were supposed to be meeting at the CM about that time. I watched him enter the park, but did not call out to him. I sat there silently by the swing, till he whipped out his mobile and placed me a call...

ps: we did play volleyball, a little later when some of the people came around. Won two matches. But that's another story.

Thursday, January 12, 2006



Is love merely a function of projecting one's desires and attitudes onto someone else in a manner which subscribes to their view of reality. Or is it about discovering oneself without the prejudices and limitations of insecurity imposed by the boundaries of isolationism.

It sounds infinitely more romantic to think the latter. However, the world has a weird way of moving in its circles... something people like Adam discover everyday. Oh well.

Among other things, today:
It's funny how soon some inconsequential success can transform yesterday's heretic into today's hero. Went to "Down the Lane" in Gariahat, and decided to settle for some cheese masala dosa. Normally Iam not a fan of south indian food, but even so when I say that the "masala" was unpalatable, it must be believed without prejudice. The saving grace however was this chutney that they served with the dosa. Angel kept insisting that it's called "Gunpowder chutney". No kidding then.
"What if someone sets it on fire when Iam eating it?" - my PJ of the day.
"Don't worry honey, I dont think it'd be enough to blow that blockhead off anyways" - Angel responds without looking up.

45 mins, 48 sec...

... is how long one of my most depressing and morose conversations on the phone, lasted.

Hear ye... Hear ye

A new beginning... even if it only means blowing out a lot of hot air (again)